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  • Baking Industry

  • Freezing Solution for Baking Industry

    Bakeries freeze more than just loaves of bread. From cakes, rolls, pizza, phyllo dough, pastries, and dough balls, the baking industry has perhaps the widest range of size, shape and variety of products to freeze.

    At Aeroasia, we custom design freezing machines to fit your specific needs, whether that's a different belt to keep dough from losing its shape or two belts to process two different sizes of bread rolls. Our cryogenic freezers are great for cakes with an outer chocolate layer that needs to be quickly frozen. All of our products are designed to be energy-efficient and affordable. We've designed equipment for such customers in the baking industry as the well-known Christine.

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  • Poultry Processing Industry

  • Freezing Solution for Poultry Processing Industry

    The poultry industry has so many factors to worry about—cross-contamination, spoiling, bacterial growth, increasing costs, and food regulation rules. Wouldn't it be great to work with someone already familiar with your concerns? At Aeroasia, we are working to find solutions to these problems so that you can process and freeze poultry that is healthy, fresh, and inexpensive so that your customers keep coming back for more.

    For the frozen poultry industry, a healthy, safely processed meat means a healthy, happy consumer. Our freezers are compliant with health standards from many companies and designed with an automatic cleaning system. In addition, a sloping surface and easy to access interior ensures that no food residue will be left behind, minimizing bacterial growth and cross-contamination.

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  • Seafood Processing Industry

  • Freezing Solution for Seafood Processing Industry

    Seafood is one of our healthier sources of protein and Omega-3 and adds a gourmet flare to any entrée, whether making a ginger glazed Mahi Mahi or steamed mussels with butter. Yet most people don't have the luxury of getting up at 4 a.m. to go fishing in order to have seafood for dinner. That's why our freezing technology works so well for the seafood industry. With our products, you can freeze seafood at the peak of its freshness so that it can be shipped to inland cities or be stocked for weeks in restaurants and still taste as if it just came from the water.

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  • Prepared Food Industry

  • That's why Aeroasia uses advanced technology to custom design and build freezing machines that fit the specific needs of your product and facilities. Our IQF freezers work particularly well for small piece products like dumplings or spring rolls. We always design our products to be energy-efficient and affordable and to keep products tasting great long after the freezing process.

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