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Whether you would like one of our standard freezer or ovens or need to custom design your own freezing machine, don't hesitate to contact us at Aeroasia. We have opened branches in North and South America to be able to serve you more locally and invite you to visit our facilities and see our equipment for yourself. What with time differences, language barriers and everything else, we know it can be difficult to import equipment from abroad. That's why we do everything we can to shoulder the burden. Our staff will walk you through determining the right specifications according to your country's standards, clearing through customs, shipping, installing on-site and maintaining the good condition of your equipment when it's up and running. We look forward to working with you!

Cooperative Process
  • Enquiry
  • Quotation
  • Sample Product Visit
  • Production
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Delivery

About Enquiry
1. Check out our products online to see if we have what you need.
2If you would like to custom design a machine, fill out the Request a Quote form on our website. Submitting a form will help us get the most accurate specifications to begin your quote.
3. After leaving detailed information about your company, contact information, and machine, submit the Request a Quote form.

About Quotation
1. After we confirm your enquiry, we will respond within 1-2 business days with a possible freezing solution and a quotation.
2. Quotation will be sent to you via email and we will confirm the details with you via phone or email as well.
3. Quotations that are not checked and signed by our company and countersigned by you are considered intent quotations. After a quotation is confirmed by both parties, the quotation comes into effect. The period of validity of a quotation is 10 days. Factors leading to quotation changes include changes in raw material prices, order quantities, etc.

About Sample Product Visit
1. All of our standard freezing equipment is available on display should you visit our facilities. We will select sample products specifically for your visit according to the branch you choose to go to.
2. After the initial quotation intent is confirmed, let us know when you'll visit at least one week prior. Our staff will notify you of the time, place, and people meeting you.

About Production
1.Production information confirmation: after we receive your formal order and down payment, we will begin preparing for production.
2. Production cycle: the production cycle lasts 1-3 months depending on the features of your equipment, packaging, and shipping as well as our production schedule.
3. Production tracking: Our staff will follow up with you on the production of your equipment and keep in contact for any designs or parameters in question during the process.
4. Quality correction and improvement:
a. If there is a problem with any part of the machine during production or after shipping, we will immediately analyze the issue and product, find a reasonable solution, work with the relevant departments for correction, and notify the client as well.
b. We regularly discuss quality and technology so as to improve our freezers and project management so that our work satisfies our customers.

About Delivery
We will negotiate the time and terms of delivery with you. After the order is placed, delivery can take between 9-15 weeks.

About Shipping
Transport mode: land transportation / sea transportation

About Payment
Overseas clients: pay according to the terms stipulated in the contract (TT, L/C, Credit Card, Check, etc.).