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Freezing Solution for Poultry Processing Industry

The poultry industry has so many factors to worry about—cross-contamination, spoiling, bacterial growth, increasing costs, and food regulation rules. Wouldn't it be great to work with someone already familiar with your concerns? At Aeroasia, we are working to find solutions to these problems so that you can process and freeze poultry that is healthy, fresh, and inexpensive so that your customers keep coming back for more.

For the frozen poultry industry, a healthy, safely processed meat means a healthy, happy consumer. Our freezers are compliant with health standards from many companies and designed with an automatic cleaning system. In addition, a sloping surface and easy to access interior ensures that no food residue will be left behind, minimizing bacterial growth and cross-contamination.

Great tasting products are always our end goal. Our freezers use advanced technology to ensure that poultry tastes fresh long after processing.

Cost Control
At Aeroasia, we can custom-design equipment around your budget. Spiral and tunnel freezers are affordable options. We always design our products to be energy-efficient and have a large capacity for processing so you can make more of a profit.

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