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1. What is an IQF freezer?
IQF stands for Individual Quick Freeze, which uses fluidization to rapidly freeze individual pieces.

2. What should I choose among your IQF, Spiral or Blast tunnel freezers?
Consider what your product is and how you're processing it. For example, an IQF freezer is great for vegetables, fruits, fish balls, and shrimp while a tunnel freezer is better for seafood, meat, and poultry, even though a tunnel freezer's capacity is less than that of an IQF freezer and has a shorter holding time. A spiral freezer is used for a number of products if you have a large quantity to process and need a longer holding time. Contact our customer service representative to find out what option is right for you.

3. What is your air flow type?
Our equipment comes in three different air flow patterns: vertical, horizontal and mixed. Single drum spiral freezers comes with either a vertical or mixed air flow; double drum spiral freezers with horizontal air flow; IQF tunnel freezers with vertical air flow; and straight tunnel freezers with mixed or vertical air flow. The advantage of vertical air flow allows cooler air to flow directly over the product, making the product cool quite quickly.

4. What type of freezer system do you have?
We use a mechanical freezing system where the friction of the center drum drives the belt because for larger processing needs, the belt is wrapped around the drum so many times, and this system keeps the belt running smoothly.

5. Why do you use aluminum coils in your equipment?
Aluminum has a higher thermal conductivity coefficient than steel or zinc, giving it a better heat exchange. The heat difference between the coils and air is between 10-15°F.

6. How do I pay?
We accept T/T and L/C.

7. When will I receive my product after I place an order?
You will receive your product in 9-15 weeks. We ship our equipment by truck or by sea out of Shanghai, China.

8. How long is your freezing equipment's service life?
Our freezing equipment is designed to last at least 20 years. For insulated enclosures, the service life is closer to 10 years.

9. How long is your warranty?
Our warranty lasts one year after starting the machine but not more than 15 months after installation.