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Besides offering a line of standard freezers and ovens, Aeroasia is also able to customize freezers and ovens to fit your facilities. Fill in the Request a Quoteform below, telling us about your product, production process, and any other needs you have, and we'll work with you to design tailor-made equipment that will best suit your business.

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Your company is Water Hot Gas Sequential Defrost
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Freezer Air Temp. -60 ℃ -35 ℃ -25 ℃ -2 ℃
℃ else
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Refrigerant R717 Ammonia Freon LN2 Liquid Nitrogen
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Heater system Thermal Oil Gas Steam Electrical Power
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Evaporating Temp. -45 ℃ -35 ℃ -25 ℃ ℃ else
Evaporator Type SS304 Tube & Al. Fin Al. Tube & Al. Fin
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Refrigerant R717 Ammonia Freon else
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360 ° 90 ° 180 ° 270 °
Height from floor to ceiling if space is a concern.
Cleaning System (Optional) Fully CIP Water Belt Washing
Defrost (Optional) Water Hot Gas Sequential Defrost
Major Components
Our Standard Design uses the Following Materials and Brands

Item Material or Brand
a) Floor Continuous Welded Seamless Stainless Steel SS304
b) Insulated Enclosure SS304, PU, 120mm, 150mm
c) Belt Plastic Acetyl Metal SS304
d) Gear Box, Fan, Motor Sew Sumitomo Bomfiglioli
e) Control Panel Relay based PLC & Touch Screen based
Brand: AB Siemens Omron
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