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Our customers are chefs, bakers, and food processing manufacturers in North America, Australia and Europe. We supply equipment to global fast food chain stores such as Mcdonald's and KFC as well as to more local companies. Among our clientele, we are pleased to support the work of Rich's FoodUSA, Henzi China, Skychef USA, Pioneer USA, 7chefs, Australia JAD Poultry, North Poultry of Australia, and SeaFisher Australia.

Our freezers and ovens are used by such companies as:
1. Global suppliers of McDonald's and KFC: chicken, meat pie, bread and French fries
2. Wall's and Nestle: ice cream
3. Christine: bread
4. Long Feng and Wanchai Ferry: noodles
5.Kung Fu Restaurant: frozen fast food
6. China Eastern Airlines: in-flight prepared passenger meals

1.16000 lb/hr Raw Dough Ball Freezing Line

The raw dough ball freezing line for a U.S. companyhas metal belts that are 42 inches (1.1m) wide, solving the problem of raw dough balls losing their shape on too soft a surface. Twin conveyor belts make it possible to freeze two different sizes of raw dough balls at the same time so that our client could double their daily output. This freezing machine does not need to be manually operated. It's strong, with tightly welded modules and has an automatic CIP cleaning system and sequential defrosting system.

This spiral freezer is the largest in size and in capacity that we have ever made. The belt width is 60 inches (1.5m) and reaches up to a speed of 200 ft/min. An added bypass conveyor belt ensures that the whole freezing line is still able to run even if there's an issue with the spiral freezer, minimizing production loss if something goes wrong. This freezing equipment also has an automatic CIP cleaning system and sequential defrosting system.