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Spiral Oven

The spiral oven cooks food using a thermal oil heater and hot steam so that your food won't dry out and harden and so you'll retain more of its flavor. Made from high quality heat-resistant materials, the spiral oven can safely cook food for a long time under high temperatures.

Many people use the spiral oven for cooking meat products, such as chicken nuggets or pork chops. In 2012, we customized a spiral oven for the Spanish company GEDESCO, S.A, which used the equipment to process chicken nuggets. The oven still remains in good condition.

Technical Parameters of Spiral Oven
Capacity 200 -2000 kg/hr (500-5000lb/hr)
Belt width 250-1000mm(10"-40")
Power requirement 380-560V, 50-60Hz, 3Ph
Temp. range up to 250℃

1. Airflow Recirculation
The air heater forces hot air to circulate vertically, heating up food from both top and bottom. A reversed heat transfer feature improves efficiency and ensures an even heating of the food.

2. Indirect Heating
Because the food is cooked using a thermal oil heater versus an open flame, the spiral oven is safer to use and more hygienic.

3. Hot Steam Humidification
Steam cycles through the thermal oil heater, increasing the humidity and temperature throughout the oven so that food is heated more evenly.

4. Adjustable Data Settings
Oven temperature, humidity, hot air circulation volume and the belt speed can all be adjusted for 30 different products.

5. Convenient Belt Cleaning
A hot water storage near the bottom of the warming oven soaks the belt, so that the food residue softens and falls off. Then a cleaning brush and high-pressure water spray takes care of the rest so that by the time the belt reaches the in-feeding section, it will be clean again.

6. Insulated Wall Panel
The sectional modular body and doubly thick stainless steel plates are lined with heat-resistant insulation materials, so that even under long cooking times and high temperatures, thermal expansion will not be a problem.

7. CIP Automatic Cleaning System
No industry is more strict about cleanliness than the food industry. The CIP automatic cleaning system uses a high-pressure spray, foam wash, sterilization and disinfectant to ensure that your food processing meets the health standards of HACCP. Spray nozzles are installed in every corner of the spiral oven to fully clean the entire oven.

8. Touch Screen Controls
With a simple touch screen, these spiral ovens are easy to read and operate.

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