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Cryogenic Freezer

When liquid nitrogen transforms from liquid to gas, it absorbs a large amount of heat, leading to extremely low temperatures (-192℃ at the lowest) and making it the perfect method to incorporate in our cryogenic freezers. With its rapid freezing speed, the cryogenic freezer works well for products in need of a quickly hardened surface, such as the outer layer of a chocolate cake or thinly sliced mutton. Because it takes up so little space and needs little maintenance, the cryogenic freezer can be used for small-scale production or start-up companies with limited space.

For ten years, Aeroasia has been designing and manufacturing products for the food freezing equipment industry. With our professional and practical experience, we can also design tailor-made cryogenic freezers to fit your space, your products, and your needs.

Cryogenic Freezer Type
1.Straight tunnel: for thin or diced products in need of a short freezing time
2. Spiral: for products in need of long holding time or for facilities with limited floor space.

Freezing Cost Contrast

Mechanical Cryogenic
Capital High Low
Energy Low High
Maintenance High Low
Dehydration High Low
Flexibility Low High
Turn-up capacity Low High
Technical Parameters of Cryogenic Freezer
Capacity 10 -1000 kg/hr (20-2000lb/hr)
Belt width 200-2000mm(10"-80")
Power requirement 380-560V, 50-60Hz, 3Ph
Liquid nitrogen temp. -120 ℃
Room temp. -60 ℃
Features of Cryogenic Freezer

1. Designed to last at least 20 years, this cryogenic freezer has a seamlessly welded and enclosed floor and wall and thick SS304 panels.

2. Well-made structure and quality materials keeps outside bacteria to a minimum.

3. Made to withstand low temperatures, it is highly efficient in its power usage and easy to clean.

4. Comes with an optional CIP automatic cleaning system.

5. Designed for easy and painless installation on-site, the liquid nitrogen freezer is dissembled into several sections for shipping.

6. Adjustable settings means you can set the belt speed, freezing temperature, and volume of liquid nitrogen to what you need. A gas exhaust controlled by pressure and temperature leads to less liquid nitrogen being used, thus lowering your costs.

Main Options
Single Drum Spiral Double Drum Spiral Twin Belt Spiral

Configuration Floor Plan
360° 90° 180°270°

Applications of Cryogenic Freezer
Poultry and livestock industry: chicken breast, beef slice, lamb slice, beefsteak, etc.
Baking industry: chocolate cake, ice cream cake, mousse cake, and other soft cakes needing to be frozen quickly or shaped in a short time.
Ice cream industry: ice cream quick freeze, chocolate layer fast shaping.
Seafood industry: salmon, tuna, fish fillet, lobster, sea crab and other sea products.

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