Tunnel Freezer

As a leading food freezer manufacturer in China, Aeroasia has a range of quality tunnel freezers, including straight tunnel, twin belt tunnel, multi-belt tunnel, and IQF multi-stage tunnel freezers.

The tunnel freezer is a continuous in-line belt freezer designed to minimize product weight loss and gently handle the product during freezing. The tunnel freezer has a simple structure, being one line from where the product enters to where it leaves. It's much longer than a spiral freezer and takes up more room, though it has the same output. The tunnel freezer is widely used in such industries processing fruit, vegetable, seafood or poultry.

Features of Tunnel Freezer
1. Integrated enclosure and floor design for less maintenance and more efficiency.
2. Solid SS304 stainless steel structure for maximum sanitation and a long service life.
3. Industrial 3003 aluminum tube and aluminum plate fin coil for better heat transfer.
4. Easy access to all compartments for cleaning and maintenance.
5. Customizable design for your product, capacity, floor area, and before and after processing needs.

Technical Parameters of Tunnel Freezer
Capacity 300 -10000 kg/hr (500-25000lb/hr)
Belt width 500-2500mm(20"-100")
Belt length 3-20m( 8-70ft)
Power requirement 380-560V, 50-60Hz, 3Ph
Refrigerant (type and supply) R717, Freon, Pump Recir. or DX
Evaporator defrost method Water, hot gas, sequential defrost system
Features of Cryogenic Freezer

1. A metal and plastic belt increases service life and is low maintenance.

2. Sequential defrost system is 24h / 7days / 365days continually running.

3. With a one unit sloping floor design, there's no need for a floor heater.

4. Welded structure and quality materials keeps outside bacteria to a minimum. 

5. Designed for easy on-site installation, the tunnel freezer is dissembled into several sections for shipping.

Main Options
Because of its simple and compact structure, low maintenance, and low cost, the straight tunnel freezer, multi-pass tunnel freezer and IQF tunnel freezer are extensively used in such industries carrying fruit, vegetable, seafood, or poultry. Depending on your product and on-site processing needs, choose among.

  • Straight Tunnel Freezer
    ( single/double belts)
  • Multipass Tunnel Freezer
  • IQF Tunnel Freezer
Model List
    1. Straight Tunnel FreezerBy adding a small tunnel chiller at the front of the straight tunnel freezer, hot air and humidity will be effectively removed so that the frozen meat products will last frozen longer and defrost in a shorter amount of time.
    1. Multipass Tunnel FreezerCompared with the straight tunnel freezer, the multipass tunnel freezer is taller, but takes up less floor space. Highly efficient, the multipass tunnel freezer works best for well-packed foods which won't lose their shape ...
    1. IQF Tunnel FreezerIn IQF, each piece is frozen individually using fluidization, resulting in an extraordinary freezing performance. One does not have to thaw or defrost the whole packet to take out one piece ...