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IQF Tunnel Freezer

With years of practical experience in designing and manufacturing food freezing equipment, Aeroasia is able to work closely with customers to customize the best IQF tunnel freezer for fit your facility, products, and needs.

Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) is the latest technology available in the freezing industry. In IQF, each piece is frozen individually using fluidization, resulting in an extraordinary freezing performance. One does not have to thaw or defrost the whole packet to take out one piece, and the rest will remain frozen until required.

The IQF tunnel freezer directs frigid air upward through the stainless steel mesh belt to fluidize the product. Through fluidization, the mass of food particles behave like liquid, providing a high heat transfer between air and the product. Therefore, our tunnel freezer will have a true individual quick freeze of the products.

Design Highlights of IQF Tunnel Freezer
1. Two-stage belt freezing process with two belts has adjustable speeds for each belt to vary the freezing of outer layers and the entire product as needed. This belt arrangement produces excellent IQF products and makes our IQF tunnel freezer adaptable to a wider range of more sensitive products.
2. Specially designed vibrator along the length of the conveyor belt initiates fluidization versus using air velocity as traditional IQF freezers do.

Features of IQF Tunnel Freezer
Pre-assembled and tested at our factory
Easily installed on site
Built to USDA, FDA, UL, CFIA, OSHA and CSA specifications and standards
Saves floor space
Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
Custom designs available
All structures are made of 304 stainless steel and UHMWP engineering plastics
Sloped floor and elevated floor-enclosure joint for sanitation standards
Aluminum evaporator with variable fin spacing and high heat removal capacity
Two-stage belting structure with independent speed controls for excellent fluidization
Controlled airflow to for evenly freezing products along the conveyor belt
PLC control system

Floor Plan
  • Configurations
  • Modular design-Cut to section
  • Compact design-One unit
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