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Multipass Tunnel Freezer

Compared with the straight tunnel freezer, the multipass tunnel freezer is taller, but takes up less floor space. Highly efficient, the multipass tunnel freezer works best for well-packed foods which won't lose their shape when falling onto the next layer, such as fresh shrimp, meat balls, and fish fillets.

1. Great Design and Manufacturing
Our computer-based designs and quality manufacturing process allow us to create high-performing products that are more energy efficient.
2. Excellent Quality of Frozen Food
The multipass tunnel freezer's recirculation system moves the air through the entire structure so that products are frozen quickly, evenly, and efficiently according to IQF standards.
3. Easy to Clean System
The multipass tunnel freezer fully meets the HACCP requirements with a high-temperature sterilization and cleaning system. The simple structure of the freezer allows for quick access to all compartments for easy cleaning and maintenance.
4. High Chilling Efficiency
The multipass tunnel cooler is equipped with an air cooler exclusively for quick freezes and with mechanical expansion tubes, plate fins, fin pitches, and an evaporator with high-thermal-conductivity materials.
5. High Freezing Efficiency
The air cooler uses fin pitch and in-line pin-fin arrays so that the products won't frost much and can be held frozen for a longer time.
6. Extensive Range of Frozen Products
The multipass tunnel freezer is perfect for quickly freezing prepared food and seafood and meat products, such as shrimp, fish, meat kebabs, chicken nuggets, sausages, and some prepared food.
7. Easy Installation and Convenient Operation
The multi-belt tunnel freezer is an electromechanical device, which can be directly installed on an indoor cement floor. It is easy and fast to install as well as convenient to operate.
8. Customizable Options
With years of professional and practical experience in manufacturing freezing equipment, Aeroasia works closely with customers to design multipass tunnel freezers that fit your facility, capacity, and needs and manufacturers these tailor-made freezers in a relatively short period.

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