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Straight Tunnel Freezer

The straight tunnel freezer comes with the option of a single or double conveyor belt, which is at waist-height for easy manual loading. This freezer works well for products such as chicken breasts, fish fillets, and fresh squid, and can also be used for pre-cooling products as well.

Our straight tunnel freezer is most often used for freezing steamed or fried meat products. By adding a small tunnel chiller at the front of the straight tunnel freezer, hot air and humidity will be effectively removed so that the frozen meat products will last frozen longer and defrost in a shorter amount of time.

1. The straight tunnel freezer integrates more advanced NC coding technology with imported key parts for hydraulic feeding and lifting, resulting in a more precise and reliable control system. This freezer saves on more than 30% electric power compared with ammonia refrigeration systems, and the freezing performance is significantly improved as well.
2. The food freezer uses a parallel-connection refrigeration unit and a capacity regulator with multiple stages, ensuring that the freezer will run reliably and efficiently. According to our extensive research, a parallel-connection refrigeration unit used for quick freezing can save more than 40% of electricity compared with a single refrigeration unit.
3. The straight tunnel ensures an even freezing for meat, less meat weight loss, and low power consumption. Investing in a straight tunnel freezer is almost the same as that of a quick freezing warehouse. The larger the quantity for quick freezing, the lower the cost.
4. The straight tunnel cooler is also equipped with an air cooler exclusively for quick freezes needing more precise freezing. The air cooler's electronic expansion valves control small temperature differences, meaning less water is lost and the product retains is good quality.
5. The whole freezing system is automatic.
6. The freezer is designed to stay in good condition for a long life service while keeping the cost of its running to a minimum.

The straight tunnel freezer is designed based on years of researching freezing technology and our practical and professional experience manufacturing food freezing equipment. The freezer is dissembled into smaller sections for shipping, but can be easily and quickly reassembled on-site. After installing and with proper care, it will stay in good condition for a long life service.

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