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Spiral Freezer

The spiral freezer with a low-tension spiral system is driven by means of a center drum. The drum is extremely effective in driving the belt because the belt is wrapped around the drum. The balanced surface tension leads to lower drive electric power, longer service life of conveyer belt and minimum maintenance cost.

Deeply engaged in the food freezing equipment for more than 10 years, Aeroasia is able to provide you with the most suitable spiral freezer according to your specific applications. If you are looking for effective food freezing solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to serve you.

Features of Spiral Freezer

The tube and slope surface design helps eliminate hidden food residue and provides easy access to cleanness and sanitation. Every layer of mesh belts is equipped with high-pressure nozzle to wash belt surface and guide rail. The high-pressure water spraying ensures cleanness of double sides of mesh belt. The stainless steel for food-grade application is corrosion resistant, leading to long service life and wholesomeness. Also, CIP cleaning system is optional, which is designed with such cleaning process as cleaning, foam washing, sterilization and disinfection, ensuring complete cleanness and avoiding bacteria growth and cross contamination.

2. High energy efficiency
PU insulated sandwich panel wall are suitable for low temperature environment; convex-concave groove wall connection plus non-drying butyl sealant can prevent air from directly blowing out of the gap between two panel when panels have thermal expansion; inside and outside surfaces are sealed with waterproof silicon sealant to avoid cold air leakage and save energy as well.

Modular floor design and 3-layer frame structure can avoid the formulation of cold bridge and minimize low temperature conduction; continuous seamless welded floor surface can effectively avoid water seepage; slope surface ensures timely drainage, free from water accumulation and cold loss; based on your product characteristics, we will choose horizontal or vertical air flow recirculation; the unique air flow baffle can keep air pressure and volume loss to a minimum so as to improve heat exchange rate, reduce power consumption and save running cost.

3. High reliability
Spiral belts are the major components of the spiral freezer, and easy to wear off. Choosing the right belt is vitally important. With right belts, the spiral freezer will run smoothly and stably, resulting in low malfunction. The right belts can serve for 10 to 20 years in average, saving a large amount of money. The belts we select are world-level top-notch plastic steel belt and metal belt. By integrating belt specifications, complete mechanical calculation and holistic freezer design, we ensure the high reliability of the spiral freezer.

Driving system and control system are also major quick-to-wear parts. Reduction gears, motors and bearings can continuously run in low-temperature environment for a long period with the help of low-temperature grease and seal ring, which are able to ensure effective lubrication and avoid malfunction. We only use reliable and durable industrial electrical components parts from famous brands like AB and Siemens.

Real-time monitoring and logging of motor operating condition and abnormal alarm can help fix troubles before the spiral freezer is seriously damaged.

4. Sequential defrost system
The sequential defrost system is used to keep the spiral cooler running 24hr/7days/365days. With the sequential defrost system, you can increase equipment usage rate as well as your return on investment.

5. Conveyer belt
Plastic steel belt boasts light weight, great self-lubrication, high convenience for installation and disassembly, extensively applied in food processing industry. However, stainless steel belt is indispensable in some special cases. Our professional designers will carefully analyze your products, calculate driving torque and select the most suitable belts with reasonable price, stable operation and optimal performance based on mesh belt performance parameters.

6. Driving system
Aeroasia adopts three types of driving methods, namely top drive, bottom drive and chain drive. Top drive and bottom drive are direct drive system, boasting easy and convenient installation and maintenance. They are perfect for compact and small freezing machine. Chain drive can achieve high load capacity, low belt speed, low power consumption, but its manufacturing cost and maintenance cost are higher. Therefore, it is our last choice.

Technical Parameters
Capacity 300 - 10000 kg/hr (500-25000lb/hr)
Belt width 200-1500mm ( 10" - 60")
Belt length 40-1000m ( 100-3000ft)
Number of tiers 8-36
Power requirement 380-560V, 50-60Hz, 3Ph
Refrigerant (type and supply) R717, Freon, Pump Recir, or DX
Evaporator defrost method Water, hot gas, sequential defrost system
Design Highlights

1. Different metal or plastic steel belt depending on specific product-long service life and short maintenance

2. Sequential defrost system for 24h/7days/365days continuous running

3. Continuous seamless welded floor and slope internal surface for fast drainage

4. Solid drum with plastic belt for minimum wear, lower load, high power efficiency, easy cleaning and high hygiene

5.Hygiene continuous welded structure keeps bacterial to a minimum.

6. VFD motor-top /bottom /chain drive

7. Modular design for fast installation: the spiral freezer can be divided into several modular sections for convenient container shipping and be easily assembled on site; widely used in bakery industry.

Main Options
Single Drum Spiral Double Drum Spiral Twin Belt Spiral

Configuration Floor Plan
360° 90° 180°270°

Outdoor / Indoor Installation
We have rich experience in large-scale spiral freezer design and manufacture as well as outdoor installation.


1.Poultry industry
The continuous welded structure allows for easy cleaning, avoids poultry residua and bacteria and ensures high hygiene. The seamless floor and slope design makes it convenient to drain. Fully automatic cleaning system, sequential defrost system, plastic steel belt or metal belt are optional.

2.Baking industry
Catering to the mass production of baking industry, we adopt super wide and super large structure and screw lock. The belt width can reach up to 1500mm and the material is optional from metal belt and plastic steel belt. The spiral freezer is widely applied for quickly freezing pizza, dough ball, etc.

We can design double drum spiral or twin belt spiral for your special request. Besides, if you want to enlarge output capacity, but your indoor working area is limited, we can offer you suitable spiral freezer for outdoor installation.

3. Ice cream industry
Mechanical spiral freezer is well suitable for barreled and cupped ice cream because it requires long freezing time and large processing capacity. However, cryogenic freezer is ideal for small-sized ice cream bar in that it requires fast freezing for chocolate coating.

4. Prepared food industry
The spiral freezer provides best quick frozen solution for products like dumpling, rice ball, noodle, fish ball, meat ball, fast food, airline meal, etc. We can also supply you line divider, line merger conveyor.

Model List
    1. Single Drum Spiral FreezerThe single drum spiral freezer is shaped in a spiral to take up less floor space. It's easy to use and clean, and works well in conjunction with other food production equipment.
    1. Double Drum Spiral FreezerThe spiral freezer uses a double-drum spiral structure so it can freeze a higher quantity of products, making it deal for large-scale frozen food manufacturers.
    1. Twin Belt Spiral FreezerThis food freezing equipment allows for more than 2 kinds of products at the same time, which is the greatest advantage compared with the single drum and double drum spiral freezer.
    1. Spiral Freezer (Continuous Feeding Design)The spiral freezer will be pre-assembled and fully tested at our factory before shipping. It can be placed and connected with refrigerator and electrical device. This chilling system is complied with the standards of USDA, FDA, UL, CFIA, OSHA and CSA.