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Twin Belt Spiral Freezer

Twin Belt Spiral Type

Features of the Twin Belt Spiral Freezer
1. The two belts share the same drive drum but run independently. This food freezing equipment allows for more than 2 kinds of products at the same time, which is the greatest advantage compared with the single drum and double drum spiral freezer.
2. The twin belt spiral freezer takes up little floor space.
3. The production capacity of the twin belt spiral freezer can double that of a single drum spiral freezer.
4. The belt width of the spiral freezer can reach up to 60 inches (1500mm).

Over the past decade, Aeroasia has been designing and manufacturing quality food freezers. We will work closely with you to customize a freezing machine that works for your business. Our tailor-made twin belt spiral freezers have been well received by our European and North American customers. Please contact us to learn more.

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