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Double Drum Spiral Freezer

Though having many of the same features as a single drum spiral freezer, the double drum spiral freezer is able to process a higher quantity of foods and a wider range of products with flexible feeding directions.

Double Drum Spiral Type

1.The spiral freezer uses a double-drum spiral structure so it can freeze a higher quantity of products, making it deal for large-scale frozen food manufacturers. Single drum spiral freezers have two options for feeding products in an out of the machine, at the top or bottom. The double drum spiral freezer has both its entrance and exit at the bottom, so it's easier to select a feeding direction and match this machine to other equipment in your assembly line.
2. This freezer is great for a wider range of frozen food, especially cut or diced food, which need a longer holding time. The two spiral structures allow manufacturers to cut out equipment for the added pre-cooling process and to pre-cool and freeze at one time.
3. The tailor-made mesh conveyor belt is durable and wear-resistant for a long service life and more stable performance.
4. The double drum spiral freezer can freeze a wide variety of prepared food, ice cream, noodles, cut meat, seafood, and fried food.

Based on our years of practical experience, Aeroasia will work closely with you to customize the double drum spiral freezer that works best for you. Our products use quality raw materials and research-based designs are known for their reliable performance.

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