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Single Drum Spiral Freezer

The single drum spiral freezer is shaped in a spiral to take up less floor space. It's easy to use and clean, and works well in conjunction with other food production equipment. We customize our single drum food freezers to fit your needs.

Single Drum Spiral Type

1. The single drum spiral freezer is easy to use after a brief, simple training.
2. Due to the design of the tube and sloping surface, the single drum freezing system is easy to access for cleaning and maintenance. The open structure reduces the chance of hidden food residue.
3. Each layer of mesh belts is equipped with high-pressure nozzles so that both sides of the belt surface and guide rails can be cleaned. The stainless steel is food-grade and corrosion-resistant, leading to a long service life. An optional CIP cleaning system can wash with soap, sterilize, and disinfect to prevent bacterial growth and cross-contamination.
4. There are several options for feeding products in and out of the freezer. The single drum spiral freezer is ideal when used in conjunction with a food production assembly line, and can quickly freeze vegetable rolls, spring rolls, fruits, meat, fried food and other prepared food.

Aeroasia has years of experience in designing and manufacturing food freezing equipment, and our freezers are CE certified. Our professional design team can work closely with you to customize the single drum spiral freezer that's best for you.

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